Membership Application

Chalk Mountain Golf Club

Membership includes the following:
Weekly Golf Tournaments
Handicap Service
Major Club Tournaments

2016 Annual Dues are $60.00, which includes Pub Links membership. For applicants currently members of Pub Links through another club, dues are $45.  If joining during the months of July, August, and September, applicant’s dues are reduced to $45, ($30 for dual members). Club dues are due October 15th for the following year. Please make checks payable to Chalk Mountain Women’s Golf Club.

While all members are welcome to play on our Thursday playdays, in order to be eligible to compete in the weekly game, you will need:
1. An established Pub Links handicap or

2. A minimum of 5 scorecards, signed, dated, and attested from any regulations 18-hole golf course. These cards will go towards the establishment of your handicap.  Note:  until a new member’s name appears on the club’s membership sheet, play with the club will not include eligibility to enter club tournaments.

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